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S01EP18 – Hanging by a thread

Released:August 1, 2016

Jac finds Casey dreaming again.

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S01EP17 – Hallucination or manifestation

Released:July 29, 2016

Casey and Ellia chat about the events of the previous night.

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S01EP16 – Her

Released:July 25, 2016

Casey has a terrifying nighttime experience of her own.

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Meet The Cast


Ellia is the mysterious owner of Grantham House. From the outset it’s clear she regrets her decision...

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Casey is the co-founder of Haunted or Hoax. She is compassionate and head strong...

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Jac is outspoken, sarcastic and rational to a fault. A true sceptic...

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Casey and Jac are the creators of a new website called Haunted or Hoax. Together, they visit some of the most terrifying and creepy locations in an effort to determine if the paranormal stories they have heard are true. First on their list is the old, Victorian masterpiece known as Grantham House. What will they find? What is the mysterious, young owner hiding? Will the house reveal its secrets?

Haunted or Hoax is a new LGBTQ web series that is part comedy, part mystery, part supernatural and a whole lot of creepy. Join our three strong, female protagonists as they navigate the unknown during their time together at Grantham House.