Meet The Cast

Natasha is a multi-disciplined artist who gained notoriety in 2014 for playing the titular role in the Canadian Screen Award and Digi Award winning series Carmilla.

Formally trained in classical music however, Natasha majored in voice performance at the prestigious Schulich School of Music at McGill University before returning to her native Toronto to pursue a career in acting. Now at it full time, some of her accolades include nominations for Top 3 Fan’s Choice at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto, Favorite Actress at the 2015 Shorty Awards in NYC, and Best Actress at the 2015 Streamy Awards in Hollywood, as well as ranking #5 on AfterEllen’s “Hot 100” list of sexiest women according to women.

Natasha also works as a writer and producer for Smokebomb Entertainment (the digital division of Shaftesbury Films) where she is the new face of KindaTV – their flagship YouTube channel. But when she’s not breaking the Internet, you can usually find her volunteering as an improv teacher at her local centre for addiction and mental health or fostering rescue dogs.

Ellia is the mysterious owner of Grantham House. From the outset it’s clear she regrets her decision to allow Casey and Jac to investigate the location. She is unhelpful and engages with them as little as possible. Ellia has a magnetic energy but is reclusive and has not yet realised the affect she has on others. It is only as the mysteries of Grantham begin to unravel, we see glimpses of the insightful, quick witted woman who has hidden herself away from the world. She is an amazing artist and her drawings are the only area of her life she allows herself to be vulnerable.

Sydney Kondruss is in various feature length horror films such as Save Yourself by Postcity Sound and The Drownsman, the second film in a horror trilogy by Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment. Her other on-screen credits include Animal Planet/Discovery Channel’s MOW Werewolves: The Dark Survivors and the award-winning short film Presence.

Sydney also hit the stage at the Scarborough Theatre Guild in Death in a Black Suit and Toronto’s Theatre Passe Muraille as Alyx in the edgy production Offers of Home where she received rave reviews. Sydney is a Toronto native and an honours graduate from the Humber College Acting for Film and Television Program, whose passion for acting began at the age of 9 while in community theatre.

Jac is outspoken, sarcastic and rational to a fault. A true sceptic who has never experienced anything remotely supernatural, she is certain they will be declaring hoax at each location they visit. She and Casey have a long history together and although they are incredibly different, their friendship has survived due to their unwavering support of each other. Jac can often be found with her camera in hand and she will be capturing images of the stunning locations of Haunted or Hoax for the website.

Having graduated from Seneca College’s Acting for Camera and Voice program, Isabel is now in Second City’s conservatory program. She has starred in numerous projects and shows both in Canada and the Philippines. She just finished playing the lead role in Hey ’90s Kids, You’re Old taking the show on tour within North America, Bianca in Othello, Jack in Jack and The Beanstalk, and was in fu-GEN Theatre’s production of Sex Tape Project. She is now also a core member of Carlos Bulosan Theatre’s Collective Creation Unit.

Casey is the co-founder of Haunted or Hoax. She is compassionate and head strong, with a natural flair for anything computer related. She has experienced more than most her age but remains an optimist at heart. After conceiving the idea for Haunted or Hoax, she set about convincing her long-time best friend, Jac, to partner up and accompany her on investigations. It didn’t take long. Casey is loyal and always stands up for what she believes in. She will stop at nothing in her search for answers but her relentless pursuit of answers may prove dangerous for them all.

Meet The Crew

Originally from Australia, Natalie has lived all over the world. She graduated from Deakin University with a degree in Writing and Journalism. After completing an internship with a Los Angeles production company, she went on to write a play that was workshopped and performed in England. She is presently working on a picture book and a novel.

Currently, Natalie works with a production company in Melbourne. She is writing a pilot with them and working behind the scenes on another of their shows. Natalie is the founder of Tru Dot Productions, which is based in Melbourne, Australia. Tru Dot has two large projects set for production and release this year.


Born and raised in Toronto, Ryan is a self-made Director, Photographer and Producer, creating and running his own company, Indigo7Productions Inc. Having seen the world through his own lens, Ryan truly believes that experiences are one’s most valuable commodities.

Through his work in film and print, Ryan explores all aspects of the flourishing city of Toronto, as well as worldwide. Bringing a new perspective to his work, he has quickly become well recognized within the industry. Indigo7Productions hopes to show the world a new take on art through Ryan’s lens.


Born and raised in Toronto, Alex Bains is the head writer at Indigo7Productions and is always looking to be part of meaningful and cinematic projects while finding new ways to perfect his writing abilities. With a natural love for writing and film, it is no surprise Alex Bains enthusiastically joined Indigo7Productions Inc. when invited by his longtime friend Ryan Sheridan. Ryan, aware of Alex’s writing abilities, was happy to collaborate with his friend of 15 years.

Ever since his journey at Indigo7Productions began, he has written and co-produced all of the company’s shorts including, “Bent Not Broken,” “My Normal Dad,” and the award winning short “Vagabond”. Alex is also co-producing a collaborative short film “Narcissistic” with Parcel Face Productions and Dead Mariachi Films.


After growing up in Northern Ontario, Brennan moved to Toronto to pursue a life in film and music composing. He then studied film production at Sheridan College and now works as a Jack of all trades when it comes to film production. From editing films to scoring them, he is your go-to guy for all things post production. He also has a great eye for cinematography and directing.


Andrew Gerhold is a Director of Photography based out of Toronto, Ontario. Growing up just a few hours away, he became interested in the arts a very young age and has always been involved in some form of the them ever since. Upon moving to Toronto, he attended film school where his love and passion for Cinematography came through. Since then, Andrew has continued to grow as a DOP in the city through experiences that would allow him to visually tell stories and eventually land him the opportunity of shooting Haunted or Hoax.



Claudia Cojuanjco

Executive Producer

Dru Herrington

Executive Producer

James Resendes


Josh Callahan

1st AC

Clara Chan

2nd AC

Eric Campbell


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Ben Barton

Location Sound

Ann Oster

Make Up Supervisor

Marissa Tripkanok

Make Up Assistant

Kerstin Bradler

Make Up Assistant

Laura Menheere

Production Designer

Murphy Macdonald-Rea


Annelise Bushby

Script Editor

Steve J de Souza

Music Composer

Danielle Arsenault

Production Assistant

Agnes Teodoro

Production Assistant