S01EP18 – Hanging by a thread

Released:August 1, 2016

Jac finds Casey dreaming again.

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S01EP17 – Hallucination or manifestation

Released:July 29, 2016

Casey and Ellia chat about the events of the previous night.

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S01EP16 – Her

Released:July 25, 2016

Casey has a terrifying nighttime experience of her own.

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S01EP15 – Harboring doubt

Released:July 22, 2016

Jac questions if it's wise to continue Haunted or Hoax.

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S01E14 – Here in my dreams

Released:July 11, 2016

Ellia learns more about Casey's connection to Grantham.

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S01E13 – Holding back

Released:July 8, 2016

Casey and Ellia sit down for the interview.

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S01E12 – Helping hand

Released:July 5, 2016

Ellia and Jac both try to help Casey after she gets hurt.

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S01E11- Heat and light

Released:July 1, 2016

Casey pushes Ellia for more information after her discovery.

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S01E10 – Hiding the truth

Released:June 27, 2016

Ellia and Jac discuss Grantham house while Casey takes a break from it all.

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S01E09 – Hostile atmosphere

Released:June 24, 2016

Casey is struggling with the weird sensations she is experiencing while continuing her research.

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S01E08 – Hopeless devotion

Released:June 20, 2016

Ellia finally shows some interest in what Casey is working on.

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S01E07 – History

Released:June 17, 2016

Casey sorts through boxes of information while Ellia tries to stay focused on work.

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S01E06 – Hazy shadows and daytime denials

Released:June 13, 2016

Casey reviews her footage from the previous night while Jac and Ellia throw themselves into work.

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S01E05 – Hands or hairy beasts?

Released:June 10, 2016

It's Casey, Jac and Ellia's first night in Grantham House. What will darkness bring?

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S01E04 – Housemates

Released:June 6, 2016

Casey and Jac attempt to get to know Ellia over an awkward dinner.

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S01E03 – Hard beginnings

Released:June 3, 2016

Casey is already feeling unsettled at Grantham.

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S01E02 – Home away from home

Released:May 30, 2016

Casey and Jac go inside Grantham House for the first time.

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S01E01 – Here we go

Released:May 27, 2016

Casey and Jac arrive at Grantham House and meet Ellia for the first time.

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Released:May 22, 2016

Haunted or Hoax Trailer

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