Interview with Ryan J.Sheridan

Published:June 21, 2016

New interview out now. Our Haunted or Hoax director, Ryan J.Sheridan, spoke to netTVnow about his experience filming the series.

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Nettvnow’s interview with Natalie Forward

Published:June 5, 2016

Check out nettvnow’s interview with Natalie Forward, writer and producer of Haunted or Hoax.

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Haunted or Hoax Premiers on Friday 27th May 2016!

Published:May 22, 2016

That’s right!   We have now set the official launch date for Haunted or Hoax Season 1, Episode 1 for Friday the 27th of May at 4:30pm EST.   The entire season will be released on our website via youtube.  So tune in at every Friday and Monday at 4:30pm EST to see the story unfold.

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