The Bell Witch Cave

In Adams, Tennessee there is a cave with a tale claiming to be America’s greatest ghost story. The Bell Witch Cave is forty five minutes from The City of Music but holds it’s own as a must-see Tennessee attraction. The tale centers around the Bell family who are tortured by a witch.  Rumor has itContinue reading “The Bell Witch Cave”

Eloise Psychiatric Hospital

In Westland, Michigan there is a former Psychiatric hospital that is so rich with history and paranormal activity there have been television episodes showcasing and even a movie made from the experiences. The infirmary was established in Detroit on March 8, 1832, by a vote of the people. It was established under the name ofContinue reading “Eloise Psychiatric Hospital”

The Amityville Horror Part 2

After the Defeo family murders and Butch Defeo went to prison one would think the house would have stayed empty for years, right? Well, not exactly. In December of 1975, only weeks after Butch Defeo’s conviction, the Lutz family moved into the house on Ocean Drive. The relator that sold them the home did warnContinue reading “The Amityville Horror Part 2”