Welcome to our little place on the internet Ghost, Ghouls, and Phantom friends! You’ve opened the door to Haunted or Hoax, a Paranormal Podcast! Hosted by Jennifer Davis and Kristen Jackson, Haunted or Hoax aims to take your favorite ghost stories and separate fact from fiction. We delve into the legends that keep everyone up at night before diving into state archives, gravesite databases, and we’ll even venture into the second page of Google to verify their validity. Jennifer has always loved looking into the historical context of hauntings while Kristen has been fascinated with the accounts of experiences with spirits. Together they make a ghastly great team.

This website is designed to be an information station for Haunted or Hoax. You’ll find two blogs: one with a summary of the weekly episodes and one with a summary of the monthly ghost tours. All of the legends, experiences, and historical findings are easily found for you to recount at the office or when recommending the podcast to a friend! All of Haunted or Hoax social media handles, along with where to listen to the podcast are also easily accessible. Everything in one place for the listener’s convenience! Take your time, look through the blogs, and most definitely listen to the latest episode!

Latest Blog

The Bell Witch Cave

In Adams, Tennessee there is a cave with a tale claiming to be America’s greatest ghost story. The Bell Witch Cave is forty five minutes from The City of Music but holds it’s own as a must-see Tennessee attraction. The tale centers around the Bell family who are tortured by a witch.  Rumor has it…

The Happenings

April 2023


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