We investigate the legends
and the ghosts.
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Jennifer Davis

Jennifer is the researcher of history for the podcast. When she isn’t digging through newspaper archives or historical documents, she spends her time working on her Education Degree or making travel plans.

Kristen Jackson

Kristen explores the ghostly side of things and the evidence to back up the ghost stories. When she isn’t criticizing Ghost Adventures, you can find her with a book in her lap or at the movies with her husband.

Our Recent Episodes

  • Episode 97 takes us to Lancashire, England. We're covering Pendle Hill and all of its witchy history as we talk about the weather, Quakers, oatmeal, and the Pendle Witch Trials. We'd […]
  • Episode 96 is coming to you from Plymouth, MA. However, we aren't talking about pilgrims this episode. We're covering the Spooner house and all of its melty residents. We'd appreciate it […]
  • Episode 95 takes us over to Birmingham, but not Alabama. We're heading over to the UK to discuss this OLD home and its ghostly inhabitants. There are shadows, murders, and […]
  • Have a pour with episode 94! This week we are in Kentucky discussing the Jim Beam distillery. In this episode we discuss ghostly odors, mysterious mists, and even spirits recognizing […]

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