Episode Twenty- Lemp Mansion

The big 2-0! This week we head to St. Louis to discuss Lemp Mansion. TW: Suicide. This house has a tragic history of family suicide, and the content can get quite heavy. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode Nineteen- Duff Green Mansion

Episode 19 crashing into your week like a Civil War Cannonball! This week we talk about Duff Green Mansion in Mississippi. We’ve got soldiers, evp’s….and … cave births?

Episode Eighteen- St. Simons Island Lighthouse

To carry on the East Coast tour of Ghosts, we took a look at another lighthouse! Join us as we talk about murder, ghostly mechanics, and doggy light keepers.

Episode Seventeen- Ghosts of Jekyll Island

Finally, another Ghost tour! Kind of. After some last minute cancelations we were able to give ourselves a self-guided tour of Jekyll Island and all its beautiful “cottages” have to offer. Now let us be your tour guides through the rich history and legends of this south Georgia island!

Episode Sixteen- Historic Cherry Hill

In honor of Ghoulentine’s Day, we are talking about the Historic Cherry Hill Mansion in Albany, New York. This story covers a smart businessman, his young wife, and her lover with poor spelling skills.

Episode Fifteen- Villisca Axe Murder House

This week, not going to lie, is a heavy episode. We covered the horrific tale of the Villisca Iowa Axe murders. We cover the murders, suspects, and the hauntings that are still lingering. We do warn our audience that this week’s episode can get a bit graphic so listener discretion is advised.

Episode Fourteen- The Sallie House

This week for episode 14, we take a look at a house in Atchison…Tex…Kansas. The Sallie House had a bunch of moving pieces, including moving toys, and a figure skating mayor! After listening, would you visit The Sallie House?

Episode Thirteen- St. Ignatius Hospital

We’re back with lucky number 13! Bats, bees, and flies?! This hospital has it all. Join us as we talk about St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, Washington.

Episode Twelve- Lizzie Borden: Part Two

Still on the mend from covid, but moving onto the paranormal exploration of the Lizzie Borden story. In this episode we discuss the spirit of Lizzie, Ghost Adventures, and demonic influences.

Episode Eleven- Lizzie Borden: Part One

Not quite the episode we had planned, but we still hope you enjoy it! We were sick this week, so we reached into the archive and pulled out our second dress rehearsal episode, Lizzie Borden! Part One goes over the murder, trial, and history of the house.

Episode Ten- Point Lookout Lighthouse

Ringing in 2022 AND our 10th episode, we discuss a lighthouse near Kristen’s hometown. From the history starting in the 1830’s to some awesome EVPs in the 1980’s, we had a lot to talk about!

Episode Nine- The Drake Hotel

Wrapping up the New Year! We cover The Lady in Red at The Drake Hotel in Chicago. Not only that, we also discuss the cold case of the murder of Adele Williams and the heartbreaking story of the parents of Bobby Franks, a young boy murdered by Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb.

Episode Eight- The Blennerhassett

Take us home country roads! We took a look at The Blennerhassett Hotel in West Virginia for episode eight and discuss the oldest hotel in Parkersberg!

Episode Seven- The Hinsdale House

The Hinsdale House! This house as A LOT going on, and we had A LOT to talk about- from bad movies, to bad research, this house had a cornucopia of topics to go over.

Episode Six- The Children Ghosts of St. Augustine

Coming to you from St. Augustine, Florida- given the ghostly scoop by Spyglass Tour Guide-Kevin Rose. We cover the young spirits of St. Augustine and try to help set the record straight on some of the popular legends.

Episode Five- Bell Witch Cave

Drama, bad boyfriends, and murder? Join us as we cover the whirlwind that is The Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee.

Episode Four- Eloise Psychiatric Hospital

This episode goes into the ghosts and history of Elouise Psychiatric Hospital in Michigan- we tell the good, the bad, and the disturbing while covering this user suggested topic. Read the full blog here.

Episode Three- Amityville Part 2: The Lutz Family

Join Kristen and Jennifer as they discuss the second half of the Ocean Avenue house history- covering the Lutz family terrors as well as the tale that took over the 70’s. Read the full blog here.

Episode Two- Amityville Part 1: The DeFeo Murders

During this heavy episode, Jennifer and Kristen discuss the beginning of The Amityville Horror story, starting with the DeFeo family. Read the full blog here.

Episode One- 432 Abercorn Street

Join Kristen and Jennifer as they discuss the history and stories surrounding 432 Abercorn, a famously haunted house in Savannah, GA. Read the full blog here.