About Us

Jennifer and Kristen have been best friends for over twenty years. That’s right, TWENTY. Now living in separate states they decided to start this podcast to not only satisfy their paranormal ponderings, but so they can do something together even if distance tries to get in their way. Haunted or Hoax goes beyond a normal Paranormal podcast because these two hosts don’t just bring you haunted content every week, they also meet up once a month to track down the best ghost tour stories around the country. It’s a way to bring stories to listeners that they have probably never heard before and a way for two best friends to get much needed facetime.


Hi there! I’m Jennifer. I talk about spooky things with my best friend, Kristen. While she talks about the ghostly side of things, I prefer to get down to the facts of the matter. I’m especially fond of sarcasm and good humor. When I’m not rambling on the podcast, you’ll probably find me drinking hot tea or coffee next to one of my furry roommates, or planning my next adventure with my husband.


Hey, it’s me, Kristen! I’m your guide to the spirit side while my best friend, Jennifer, sets the record straight. I hang out exclusively with my husband and my cat. Ask me about my Harry Potter theories.